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When SWISSTECH Recruitment was founded in 2020 we were working with all kinds of IT requirements from multiple different industries. Whilst people were placed in to interesting companies in different industries during this time, it became apparent that their was an area that we were excelling in with regards to permanent recruitment and since 2022 we are now focused on placing Management Consultants in the Finance Industry across Switzerland with particular focus on the Cantons of Zurich, Zug and Geneva with the ocassional placement in Liechtenstein.

Our key focus and competence for permanent placements is in the following industries:

Whether you are a start-up looking to make some of the most important hires you’ll ever make or an established Management Consultancy looking to grow your already successful teams, we are experienced in providing our clients with high-quality Consultants that will fit your team in terms of both technical and business experience but also culturally to ensure you have the technofunctional toolkit as well as the right personalities to drive your business forward. Our experience in sourcing niche, specialist candidates for all sizes of business and managing recruitment campaigns ensures permanent recruitment is a key area of focus.

In order for SWISSTECH Recruitment to place candidates with Swiss companies, we work with Accurity GmbH who have a SECO Agency License. Accurity provides a Licensed Intermediary Service for (permanent) Placements to agencies managing cross-border recruitment. For more information on this, please use the following link:


Contingent Search: This is the model that people will be most familiar with. It’s the “no cure, no fee” model. This is best suited to customers who are confident that there are a good number of candidates available for their open vacancy. It is low risk for the hiring company and we will work alongside other agencies in our search to fill your open vacancies. Although this is the most commonly requested service, please continue reading to find out more about the other permanent recruitment services we offer because you could be missing out on the best talent on the market by choosing this option.

Exclusive Search: Be an exclusive partner of SWISSTECH Recruitment! This will allow you to utilise an industry-wide awarding winning consultant dedicating his full time and commitment to your hiring needs. By delivering exceptional quality whilst giving you candidates that are being shared exclusively with you in exchange for exclusive access to your most important hiring needs.

Retained (Mandate) Search: A small up-front payment provides you with a dedicated consultant who will prioritise your delivery above the rest whilst providing you with exclusivity over candidates that are hard to find and in high demand! There are different models available for this search model but it is particularly well suited to your most important, hard to find requirements.

Executive Search: Utilise our Executive Search service to find the Technical leaders of your business. A thorough understanding of your company’s long-term vision and ambition will help us find your key hires. Example job titles that will fall within this category are Senior Manager, Associate Partner and Partner.