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Permanent Employees

Whether you are a start-up looking to make some of the most important hires you’ll ever make or an established company looking to grow your already successful teams, we are experienced in providing our clients with high-quality candidates that will fit your team both technically and culturally to ensure you have the technical skills and personalities to drive your business forward. Our experience in sourcing niche, specialist candidates for all sizes of business and managing recruitment campaigns ensures permanent recruitment is a key area of focus for us.

In order for SWISSTECH Recruitment to place candidates with Swiss companies, we work with Accurity GmbH who have a SECO Agency License. Accurity provides a Licensed Intermediary Service for (permanent) Placements to agencies managing cross-border recruitment.

Temporary Contractors

Based on what has already been outlined in our 'About us' page, it goes without saying that we are experts in the placement of temporary contractors. We understand the importance of contractors being fully operational as soon as possible to support long term projects and temporary bottle-necks alike with the support of our Swiss payroll partner Accurity GmbH.

About us


Founded by Ashley Morton, SWISSTECH Recruitment is a company who do exactly as our name suggests, we specialise in the recruitment of Technology / IT Professionals in Switzerland on both a temporary and permanent basis. Currently based in London, we work alongside our trusted payroll partner Accurity GmbH who handle all contract, permanent invoices and administrative documents as well as expense and timesheet management tasks.


Ashley has a wealth of experience in the Swiss IT / Tech Recruitment market. Having started as a trainee in 2010, he moved through the ranks with his former employer before taking on the role of Partner in 2016. Having achieved great success and huge growth of his Swiss Contracts Business in the following 2 years, Ashley won the prestigious "Best Temporary Consultant" award at the 2018 Global Recruiter Awards ceremony. This is an awards ceremony which has an unprecedented reputation in the Recruitment Industry for recognising the best of the best in the industry. Having grown the team and achieved further significant growth in the 2 years that followed, Ashley proudly founded SWISSTECH Recruitment in 2020. 

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  • Contractor Testimonial

    Contractor Testimonial

    Senior Full Stack Engineer

    Ashley is one of the best recruiters I've come across. He contacted me regarding a contract that matched my profile accurately and helped me secure the position. He's extremel...

  • Permanent Placement Testimonial

    Permanent Placement Testimonial

    Management Consultant

    ​I greatly appreciated Ashley’s insight and knowledge of the hiring organisation which supported my decision for my next career step. I would like to thank Ashley for his profes...

  • Permanent Placement Testimonial

    Permanent Placement Testimonial

    System Engineer

    Ashley is an expert in recruiting people in the technology market in Switzerland. He contacted me regarding some interesting vacancies which matched my profile accurately. His s...

  • Permanent Placement Testimonial

    Permanent Placement Testimonial

    Senior Consultant

    I came across various recruiters within my unemployment period and there was only one guy doing properly his job. Calling me every now and then to check up where do we stand wit...

  • Permanent Placement Testimonial

    Permanent Placement Testimonial

    Management Consultant

    ​Ashley is a brilliant and dedicated recruiter who really understands the Swiss market and can operate with ease between a candidate and a company. He helped me with identifying...

  • Permanent Placement Testimonial

    Permanent Placement Testimonial

    Software Engineer

    ​I knew Ashley through his contact for a position in Switzerland.Smartly and brilliantly, he supported me during all the phases I came across and thanks to a clear communication...

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